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Our Introduction

Rigid plate fixation of the sternum (RPF) is a quickly expanding market due to its efficacy in post-surgical outcomes. There have been a multitude of studies on the effectiveness of rigid plate fixation compared to traditional cable and wire fixation, post open sternum procedures such as Coronary Bypass surgery and surgical Sternotomies. Until now, RPF has been cost prohibitive and typically only utilized in difficult to treat cases. There is a significant opportunity for low-cost RFP devices in the US and hospitals and surgeons are realizing the value of RPF due to superior clinical outcomes and decreased patient revisions which is far more costly to the hospitals.

Prosurgix is a Medical Device company specializing in post-surgical fixation devices for the sternum. We provide sternal plates that are utilized to securely provide rigid fixation of the sternum after a Coronary Artery Bypass procedure. Our business is currently focused on sternal fixation products that we can provide to our hospital facilities at a significant cost savings compared to competitive products.

Prosurgix specializes in working with individual hospitals, hospital systems, and surgery centers, specifically, the Cardiothoracic surgeons within these facilities. The long-term goal of Prosurgix is to expand our product offerings into more sternal closure products including sternal wires and cables, which we are currently developing, as well as rib plating products on a nationwide scale. It is our mission to provide competitive quality medical device implants, particularly in the field of sternal plating at a significant cost savings. We place our focus on greatly decreasing surgical spend for our facilities and our patients while at the same time improving long term surgical outcomes for these procedures and to increase the positive outcomes for our patients.

Prosurgix is a Tennessee S – Corporation. Based out of Chattanooga, TN. The principal owners combined have over 40 years in the medical device industry, working for some of the largest medical device companies in the industry. By combining our experience and expertise, Prosurgix was created to address the true needs of this industry and develop a cost savings business model to save our hospitals and patients money.